Are you ready to Break your silence from any kind of domestic abuse? Getting out safe and alive should be the priority. We at Proposed Survivor show the right path to freedom and guide you through the 12-Step Programs of restoration without facing any domestic violence.
We Bring Restoration to Our Own Life When We Share the Message of Hope with Others
It is imperative that we learn to practice the law of forgiveness, because it draws on new life. When we learn to surrender to its foundation, we draw on the power of strength from God, the divine source to expel the old. By holding on to thoughts of unhappiness, guilt, and shame causes inharmony to exist in our lives.  Once new light is born in the conscious, it gives way to old errors; they lose their grasp and fall away. You must learn to accept the falling away of old. The presence of new is the outworking of God’s law in your life.
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